AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-22Tighten hitboxHEADmasterThomas White
2020-09-22Add a sheepThomas White
2020-09-22Gravity logicThomas White
2020-09-20Adjust collision detection gridThomas White
Gravity calculation fails when an object is exactly on top of a cell boundary.
2020-09-20Update mapThomas White
2020-09-20Update view limitsThomas White
2020-09-20Revert frame rate independenceThomas White
I'll come back to this later. It's hard.
2020-09-20Add objects to mapThomas White
2020-09-20Separate x and y velocitiesThomas White
Gravity and walking need to be handled differently
2020-09-20Formatting and remove old codeThomas White
2020-09-20Add animal draw-offsetThomas White
2020-09-19Fix animation directionThomas White
2020-09-19Add basic collision detectionThomas White
2020-09-19Load grid objectsThomas White
2020-09-19Use key-pressed? instead of key press/release handlersThomas White
2020-09-19Adjust map and spacingsThomas White
2020-09-19Add tiled environmentThomas White
2020-09-18OO llamaThomas White
2020-09-18Control walking by key pressesThomas White
2020-09-18Initial commitThomas White