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2009-09-27Merge commit 'refs/remotes/openmoko/andy-tracking' into drm-trackingThomas White
2009-09-23Fix wrong commitNelson Castillo
2009-09-23Require CONFIG_S3C24XX_ADC for GTA01/GTA02Nelson Castillo
2009-09-22GTA01: Disable glamoNelson Castillo
2009-09-22Make s3c TS driver use s3c-adc APINelson Castillo
2009-09-22s3c24xx: introduce s3c-adc delayVasily Khoruzhick
2009-09-22S3C: ADC: Expose number of remaining conversions to convert callbackNelson Castillo
2009-09-22S3C: ADC: Fix lines with more than 80 chars in adc.hNelson Castillo
2009-09-11Merge commit 'remotes/openmoko/andy-tracking' into drm-trackingThomas White
2009-09-02gta01: when charging the current reported should be negativePaul Fertser
2009-08-23Fix max voltage of LDO1Sven Rebhan
2009-08-02GTA02: add support for dumb battery driverPaul Fertser
2009-08-02gta02: use a dedicated function to query usb online statusPaul Fertser
2009-08-02gta02: charging_restart_interval should no longer be used, count on MBC auto-...Paul Fertser
2009-07-27gta02: fix compile without CHARGER_PCF50633Lars-Peter Clausen
2009-07-15Bring gta02_drm_config up to date with gta02_packaging_defconfigThomas White
2009-07-15Merge branch 'drm-kms' into drm-trackingThomas White
2009-07-05GTA01: fix current and voltage reporting unitsPaul Fertser
2009-07-02Update gta02_drm_defconfigThomas White
2009-06-24GTA0[12]: add nls 866, 1251 to defconfigsPaul Fertser
2009-06-09GTA02: gps power management bugfixPaul Fertser
2009-06-08Merge branch 'andy-tracking' into drm-trackingThomas White
2009-06-04GTA01, GTA02: remove RTC_DEBUG from defconfigsPaul Fertser
2009-06-04GTA01: disable android wakelocksPaul Fertser
2009-05-25gta01: fix jbt6k74 spi registrationPaul Fertser
2009-05-15 Add a vbus polling function for use by the udc driver.Mike Westerhof
2009-05-15 This patch adds the option to poll vbus status to the s3c24xx udc driver.Mike Westerhof
2009-04-25Merge branch 'andy-tracking' into drm-trackingThomas White
2009-04-21glamo_fb: make Xglamo workaround conditionalNelson Castillo
2009-04-20Disable EXT4 / enable reiserfsNelson Castillo
2009-04-19remove-ext4-from-gta02_packaging_defconfig.patchMike (mwester)
2009-04-19Add gta02_drm_defconfigThomas White
2009-04-16Revert "update gta01 config based on gta02 config"Nelson Castillo
2009-04-16gta02: fix re-enabling backlight with <12 valuesPaul Fertser
2009-04-15make touchscreen filter symbols const static in mach-gta01.c and mach-gta02.cNelson Castillo
2009-04-14better naming for filter_configurationTim Niemeyer
2009-04-14update gta01 config based on gta02 configTim Niemeyer
2009-04-07Correct platform s3c-ohci device name, makes bluetooth workPaul Fertser
2009-03-31remove sysfs-links on removeTim Niemeyer
2009-03-30Fix cpu_is_s3c2442() returning false for an S3C2442BRask Ingemann Lambertsen
2009-03-26Import part of Thomas White DRM tree:Jorge Zapata
2009-03-26CodingStyle with copy-src also fixedWerner Almesberger
2009-03-26retain gllin compatibilitytim.niemeyer@mastersword.de
2009-03-26Change disable serial driver for gta02 onlytim.niemeyer@mastersword.de
2009-03-26disabling fast_charge is done with 0tim.niemeyer@mastersword.de
2009-03-26Forced shutdown for GTA02Ondrej Zary
2009-03-25S3C64XX: Add gpio_to_irq method for external interrupt group.Matt Hsu
2009-03-11Add real CAMIF clock to S3C6410Werner Almesberger
2009-03-11Rename CAMERA clockWerner Almesberger
2009-03-10add primitive camera power controlWerner Almesberger