path: root/drivers/mfd/glamo/glamo-display.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-11-15Fix ordering of KMS initialisationThomas White
2009-11-15Enable FIFO stage for the LCD engine's memory accessThomas White
2009-11-15Add interrupt-driven waitqueue for better GPU synchronisationThomas White
2009-08-19Remove KMS function announcementsThomas White
2009-08-04Keep glamo-kms-fb off the hardware registersThomas White
2009-07-29Implement glamo_crtc_mode_set_base()Thomas White
2009-07-29Set minimum and maximum dimensions in mode configThomas White
2009-07-11De-bodge pixel clocksThomas White
2009-07-06Fix resume, part 1Thomas White
2009-07-02Initial suspend/resumeThomas White
2009-07-02WhitespaceThomas White
2009-07-02Alter jbt6k74 state on DPMSThomas White
2009-07-02Do not switch the screen off when changing modeThomas White
2009-07-01Remove debug watchpointsThomas White
2009-07-01Fix scanout timingsThomas White
2009-07-01Nasty jbt stuffThomas White
2009-07-01DebugThomas White
2009-06-30Enable the LCD engineThomas White
2009-06-30Whitespace and debuggingThomas White
2009-06-30Program the LCD registersThomas White
2009-06-28KMS bits and piecesThomas White
2009-06-27Call the helper init functionThomas White
2009-06-24Muppetry and comments, and other small thingsThomas White
2009-06-18More KMS plumbingThomas White
2009-06-15Just backing up progress (again)Thomas White
2009-06-08Just backing up progressThomas White
2009-06-03KMS Skeleton BitsThomas White
2009-05-27Initial KMS stuffThomas White