BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
glamoEmit colour buffer address, raster op, colour format etcThomas White11 years
glamo-oldUpload matrix stateThomas White12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-05-27Emit colour buffer address, raster op, colour format etcHEADglamoThomas White
2010-05-24New framebuffer initialisation functionThomas White
2010-02-18Push __driDriverExtensions out of dri_util.c and into the glamo driver http:/...Martin Jansa
2010-02-18glamo_cmdq: add stdlib header for size_tMartin Jansa
2010-02-18glamo: fbo, use MESA_FORMAT_* wrt Jansa
2010-02-18glamo: update driCreateConfigs call wrt Jansa
2010-02-18glamo: remove Private postfix from __DRI* wrt Jansa
2010-02-18Upload matrix stateThomas White
2010-02-18Fire the engine at the end of the pipelineThomas White
2010-02-18Use burst command for vertex submissionThomas White