BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
alsaSome fixesThomas White12 years
aplay-fallbackFall back to 'aplay' if the mixer callback doesn't get called, or if SDL audi...Thomas White12 years
masterCheck for GTK3Thomas White10 years
openmoocow-0.4commit 4efdcf3540...Thomas White12 years
openmoocow-0.3commit c190b15d98...Thomas White13 years
openmoocow-0.2-r2commit 24be270990...Thomas White13 years
openmoocow-0.2commit 4974c06bfe...Thomas White13 years
openmoocow-0.1commit ec010b19ca...Thomas White13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-03-05Check for GTK3HEADmasterThomas White
2012-03-05Add INSTALL to .gitignoreThomas White
2012-03-05Tidy up configure.ac (a bit)Thomas White
2012-01-21FussinessThomas White
2012-01-21Check for the main window before startingPaul Wise
2012-01-18Drop extension from the Icon in menu file.Paul Wise
2012-01-18Remove unregistered and deprecated values from Categories in menu file.Paul Wise
2012-01-18Fix possible null pointer dereferencePaul Wise
2011-04-22Remove INSTALL file since autotools copies it inPaul Wise
2011-04-22Use autoreconf instead of running individual autotools componentsPaul Wise