AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-12Variable sensitivity for jogwheelsHEADmainThomas White
2021-09-11at: Clamp continuous attributes to rangeThomas White
2021-09-11state-source: Clamp continuous attributes to rangeThomas White
2021-09-11Run state update hook in 'clear-state!'Thomas White
2021-09-11Re-assert MIDI control map on parameter changeThomas White
2021-08-08Add hook for state updatesThomas White
2021-08-08Make each MIDI controller into its own objectThomas White
2021-07-03Remove old show exampleThomas White
2021-07-03Add example of loading cue lists from fileThomas White
2021-07-03Rename demo.scm to conjure-demo.scmThomas White
2021-07-03Add option to store cue list in a file, and reload itThomas White
2021-07-01Fixture display: Clean up error path if REPL can't connectThomas White
2021-07-01Fixture display: Fix shutdown logicThomas White
2021-06-30Fixture display: change '/' to '.'Thomas White
2021-06-28Add doc about fixture displayThomas White
2021-06-28Fixture display: Add --verboseThomas White
2021-06-28Fixture display: Handle grouped fixturesThomas White
2021-06-27Fixture display: Show selectionThomas White
2021-06-26Fixture display: Inject a faster REPLThomas White
2021-06-26Fixture display: Show intensitiesThomas White
2021-06-26Show REPL communications in both directionsThomas White
2021-06-26Remove tnow parameter from current-valueThomas White
2021-06-21Fixture display: Keypad plus to cut back in cue listThomas White
2021-06-21Fixture display: Shut down REPL connection gracefully at exitThomas White
2021-06-20Fixture display: Set window titleThomas White
2021-06-20Fixture display: Get the fixture names from StarletThomas White
2021-06-19Update README.md (again)Thomas White
2021-06-19Update README.mdThomas White
2021-06-19Wrap README.mdThomas White
2021-06-19Update meson.build (install Guile files)Thomas White
2021-06-19Basic REPL I/OThomas White
2021-06-19Add patched-fixture-namesThomas White
2021-06-19Basic internationalisation stuffThomas White
2021-06-19Compile libguile-ola using MesonThomas White
2021-06-19Skeleton fixture display toolThomas White
2021-06-03Add docs/patching.rstThomas White
2021-06-03Update demo.scm to show off patch-manyThomas White
2021-06-03Add patch-manyThomas White
2021-05-29Split fixture library down to one file per fixture typeThomas White
2021-05-28Add "cut!" (cut forwards)Thomas White
2021-05-28Apply preset for running cue when the playback reverts to ready stateThomas White
2021-05-27Set the preset state when cutting between cuesThomas White
2021-05-27Calculate presets for all cues when cue list is createdThomas White
2021-05-27Calculate tracking when cue list is createdThomas White
2021-05-25Set default attribute fade time to zeroThomas White
2021-05-24Factorise set-playback-stateThomas White
2021-05-24Move preset from fade-times to cue propertiesThomas White
2021-05-24Indicate when stop button can be pressedThomas White
2021-05-24Add hook for state changes on a playbackThomas White
2021-05-22Add missing use-modules to demo.scmThomas White