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@@ -1620,7 +1620,8 @@ D: fbdev hacking
N: Jesper Juhl
E: jesper.juhl@gmail.com
-D: Various fixes, cleanups and minor features.
+D: Various fixes, cleanups and minor features all over the tree.
+D: Wrote initial version of the hdaps driver (since passed on to others).
S: Lemnosvej 1, 3.tv
S: 2300 Copenhagen S.
S: Denmark
@@ -2477,7 +2478,8 @@ S: Derbyshire DE4 3RL
S: United Kingdom
N: Ian S. Nelson
-E: ian.nelson@echostar.com
+E: nelsonis@earthlink.net
+P: 1024D/00D3D983 3EFD 7B86 B888 D7E2 29B6 9E97 576F 1B97 00D3 D983
D: Minor mmap and ide hacks
S: 1370 Atlantis Ave.
S: Lafayette CO, 80026