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@@ -369,10 +369,10 @@ P: 1024/8462A731 4C 55 86 34 44 59 A7 99 2B 97 88 4A 88 9A 0D 97
D: sun4 port, Sparc hacker
N: Hugh Blemings
-E: hugh@misc.nu
-W: http://misc.nu/hugh/
-D: Author and maintainer of the Keyspan USB to Serial drivers
-S: Po Box 234
+E: hugh@blemings.org
+W: http://blemings.org/hugh
+D: Original author of the Keyspan USB to serial drivers, random PowerPC hacker
+S: PO Box 234
S: Belconnen ACT 2616
S: Australia
@@ -464,6 +464,11 @@ S: 1200 Goldenrod Dr.
S: Nampa, Idaho 83686
+N: Dirk J. Brandewie
+E: dirk.j.brandewie@intel.com
+E: linux-wimax@intel.com
+D: Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 SDIO driver
N: Derrick J. Brashear
E: shadow@dementia.org
W: http://www.dementia.org/~shadow
@@ -1681,7 +1686,7 @@ E: ajoshi@shell.unixbox.com
D: fbdev hacking
N: Jesper Juhl
-E: jesper.juhl@gmail.com
+E: jj@chaosbits.net
D: Various fixes, cleanups and minor features all over the tree.
D: Wrote initial version of the hdaps driver (since passed on to others).
S: Lemnosvej 1, 3.tv
@@ -2119,6 +2124,11 @@ N: H.J. Lu
E: hjl@gnu.ai.mit.edu
D: GCC + libraries hacker
+N: Yanir Lubetkin
+E: yanirx.lubatkin@intel.com
+E: linux-wimax@intel.com
+D: Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 driver
N: Michal Ludvig
E: michal@logix.cz
E: michal.ludvig@asterisk.co.nz
@@ -2693,6 +2703,13 @@ S: RR #5, 497 Pole Line Road
S: Thunder Bay, Ontario
+N: Inaky Perez-Gonzalez
+E: inaky.perez-gonzalez@intel.com
+E: linux-wimax@intel.com
+E: inakypg@yahoo.com
+D: WiMAX stack
+D: Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 driver
N: Yuri Per
E: yuri@pts.mipt.ru
D: Some smbfs fixes
@@ -3769,14 +3786,11 @@ S: The Netherlands
N: David Woodhouse
E: dwmw2@infradead.org
-D: ARCnet stuff, Applicom board driver, SO_BINDTODEVICE,
-D: some Alpha platform porting from 2.0, Memory Technology Devices,
-D: Acquire watchdog timer, PC speaker driver maintenance,
+D: JFFS2 file system, Memory Technology Device subsystem,
D: various other stuff that annoyed me by not working.
-S: c/o Red Hat Engineering
-S: Rustat House
-S: 60 Clifton Road
-S: Cambridge. CB1 7EG
+S: c/o Intel Corporation
+S: Pipers Way
+S: Swindon. SN3 1RJ
S: England
N: Chris Wright