path: root/drivers/mfd/glamo/glamo-buffer.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-11-15Add interrupt-driven waitqueue for better GPU synchronisationThomas White
2009-11-09Fix oops in GEM object allocationThomas White
2009-09-10Fix sanitisationThomas White
2009-09-09Sanitise size and alignment of GEM objectsThomas White
2009-08-22Release mapping resources when deleting a GEM objectThomas White
2009-08-22Zero VRAM before passing to userspaceThomas White
2009-08-16Unlock mutex on unsuccessful mmapThomas White
2009-08-16FormattingThomas White
2009-08-16Remove unused snippetThomas White
2009-08-11Update licence boilerplateThomas White
2009-08-04Copyright and debugThomas White
2009-07-30Implement glamo_ioctl_gem_mmap(), properly this timeThomas White
2009-06-24Muppetry and comments, and other small thingsThomas White
2009-06-18More KMS plumbingThomas White
2009-05-22Implement glamo_ioctl_gem_mmapThomas White
2009-05-05Patch up the memory managementThomas White
2009-05-04Add (untested) memory managementThomas White
2009-05-03Create glamo-buffer.cThomas White