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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-11-20Fix KMS framebuffer physical addressThomas White
2009-11-16Simplify fences somewhatThomas White
2009-11-15Fix ordering of KMS initialisationThomas White
2009-11-15Enable FIFO stage for the LCD engine's memory accessThomas White
2009-11-15Add interrupt-driven waitqueue for better GPU synchronisationThomas White
2009-11-09Fix oops in GEM object allocationThomas White
2009-11-08Fix some CmdQ nonsense (?)Thomas White
2009-11-08Tidy up and fix burst submissionThomas White
2009-10-22Add burst commandsThomas White
2009-09-27Merge commit 'refs/remotes/openmoko/andy-tracking' into drm-trackingThomas White
2009-09-24Fix small typoNelson Castillo
2009-09-22Remove sort call from group filterNelson Castillo
2009-09-22Fix Andy's email in filters.Nelson Castillo
2009-09-22s3_ts: cleanupsNelson Castillo
2009-09-22Make s3c TS driver use s3c-adc APINelson Castillo
2009-09-22Remove dependence on old netdev operationsMichael Trimarchi
2009-09-11Merge commit 'remotes/openmoko/andy-tracking' into drm-trackingThomas White
2009-09-10Fix sanitisationThomas White
2009-09-09Sanitise size and alignment of GEM objectsThomas White
2009-09-02pcf50606: fix RTC alarmArnaud Patard
2009-09-02pcf50633: move messages to appropriate log levelsArnaud Patard
2009-09-02pcf50606: move messages to appropriate log levelsArnaud Patard
2009-09-02Revert "AR6000: move low-level cleanup from ar6000_destroy to ar6000_close"Paul Fertser
2009-08-27Silence suspend/resumeThomas White
2009-08-22Remove 'vram_base'Thomas White
2009-08-22Release mapping resources when deleting a GEM objectThomas White
2009-08-22Zero VRAM before passing to userspaceThomas White
2009-08-20Initial buffer wait/IRQ stuffThomas White
2009-08-19Move glamo_ioctl_gem_wait_rendering() to glamo-cmdq.cThomas White
2009-08-19Formatting fussinessThomas White
2009-08-19Remove KMS function announcementsThomas White
2009-08-18Remove CmdQ wrap-around printkThomas White
2009-08-16Unlock mutex on unsuccessful mmapThomas White
2009-08-16FormattingThomas White
2009-08-16Remove unused snippetThomas White
2009-08-11Merge branch 'drm-tracking' of git+ssh://git-weiss@git.bitwiz.org.uk/srv/git-...Thomas White
2009-08-11Update licence boilerplateThomas White
2009-08-06Tidy up, and remove debugThomas White
2009-08-06Put the mutex functions the right way roundThomas White
2009-08-04ioremap() the framebuffer properlyThomas White
2009-08-04Tidy up initialisationThomas White
2009-08-04Keep glamo-kms-fb off the hardware registersThomas White
2009-08-04Copyright and debugThomas White
2009-08-04Take FB allocation back down to the minimumThomas White
2009-08-02pcf50633: query charger status directlyPaul Fertser
2009-08-02pcf50633: properly reenable charging when the supply conditions changePaul Fertser
2009-08-02pcf50633: get rid of charging restart software auto-triggeringPaul Fertser
2009-08-02pcf50633: revise locking for ADCPaul Fertser
2009-08-02pcf50633: use a dedicated workqueue for irq processingPaul Fertser
2009-08-02gta01_battery: add charge_{now,full} propertiesPaul Fertser