path: root/guile/starlet/midi-control/faders.scm
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-23Handle controller=#f in 'set-midi-control-map!'Thomas White
2021-10-19Replace partial application functions with SRFI-26 "cut"Thomas White
2021-09-12Variable sensitivity for jogwheelsThomas White
2021-09-11Re-assert MIDI control map on parameter changeThomas White
2021-08-08Add hook for state updatesThomas White
2021-08-08Make each MIDI controller into its own objectThomas White
2021-06-26Remove tnow parameter from current-valueThomas White
2021-05-16Get rid of time parameter and use clock objects for cross-fadesThomas White
2021-05-12Trigger apply-fader when fader crosses its original valueThomas White
2021-05-10Split 'base' module up into 'fixture', 'state' and 'scanout'Thomas White
2021-05-06Add GPL boilerplate everywhereThomas White
2021-04-18Update MIDI buttonsThomas White
2021-04-18Use individual CMY channels in MIDI control mapThomas White
2021-04-18Special case colour components for MIDI fadersThomas White
2021-04-05When using jogwheel control, clamp values to end of rangeThomas White
2021-04-04Add the ability to make certain states uniqueThomas White
2021-04-04New state-on-faderThomas White
2021-04-03New state-on-faderThomas White
2021-04-03Fix sel/at (again)Thomas White
2021-04-02Replace merging of states with search through list of statesThomas White
2021-03-08Remove home state and abolish fixture-attribute use in statesThomas White
2021-01-30Move useful stuff to utilsThomas White
2021-01-26Move "sel" to base, and add a callbackThomas White
2021-01-26New, scaled approach to MIDI fadersThomas White
2021-01-25FormattingThomas White
2021-01-19Rename "on-fader" to "state-on-fader"Thomas White
2021-01-19on-fader: Soft pickupThomas White
2021-01-19sel: Handle listsThomas White
2021-01-19Implement selection of multiple fixtures at onceThomas White
2021-01-15Remove selection-stateThomas White
2021-01-03Start MIDI control only for attributes in the fixtureThomas White
2021-01-02Implement at-midi-faderThomas White
2020-12-31Manage LEDs for parameter adjustmentThomas White
2020-12-31Reduce scope of merge-rule-replaceThomas White
2020-12-31Select fixture and change parameters via MIDIThomas White
2020-12-29Simplify MIDI control interfaceThomas White
2020-12-27Add fader controlThomas White