TuxMessengerA GTK+-based client for MSN MessengerThomas White4 years
OpenMooCowAccelerometer-driven moobox for Openmoko phonesThomas White4 years
BareMetalBare metal assembly language programming on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+Thomas White3 years
TsumegoCommand-line tsumego (Go puzzles)Thomas White4 years
MaestroPondConvert RISC OS Maestro files to LilyPondThomas White4 years
CrystFELData processing for serial crystallographyThomas White46 hours
crystfel-demoDemo UI for CrystFELThomas White20 months
TriclinatorDetermine 3D lattice parameters from zone axis parametersThomas White4 years
DTRDiffraction Tomography ReconstructionThomas White4 years
SylpheedGit mirror of Sylpheed SVN repositoryThomas White2 years
GlitchyClockGlitchy clock for X by Alistair McDowallThomas White20 months
MidinatorMessing around with MIDIThomas White4 years
KernelMy Linux kernel repositoryThomas White
MesaMy Mesa repositoryThomas White
LibDRMMy libdrm repositoryThomas White
ColloquiumNarrative-based presentation systemThomas White9 months
Thrust3DPost-apocalyptic Jet Set Willy in a 3D nuclear power stationThomas White4 years
HeyLlamaSmall llama-based game written in GuileThomas White12 months
glamo-dri-testsTest programs for Glamo DRIThomas White4 years
StarletTheatrical lighting control in LispThomas White
NanolightTheatrical lighting control programThomas White15 months
Synth2DTwo-dimensional Fourier synthesis utilityThomas White14 months driver for GlamoThomas White4 years